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One of the most important systems you can put into action as Club President is make sure that your club has a Sustaining Member program in place. This is a system your board of directors approves to include as part of your billing process. A line is added to your monthly or quarterly billing that reads,

“Voluntary contribution to the Annual Programs fund of Our Rotary Foundation.”

If you bill your membership monthly, you would put a suggested amount of $8.33 in the dollars column. If you bill quarterly, you would put $25.00 in the dollars column. We recommend that you include another line where you list some other amounts, such as:

” ( )$50 ( ) $100 ( ) $ 250 ( ) $500 ( ) $1000″

You will be amazed how easy this is and the huge difference it makes in how your members support Our Rotary Foundation.

Our goal is for every club in District 6060 to have a Sustaining Member program in place. A further goal, which is just an extension of implementing the Sustaining Member program, is that every District 6060 Rotarian will donate at least $100 to the Annual Programs fund of Our Rotary Foundation every year.

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